Solid Panels

solid panel

Solid panels

The solid sheets have a wide range of applications, ranging from commercial applications in shop fit outs, hotels, shopping centers, car washes, public bathrooms and many more. as for the residential applications of the products, it can be used in bathrooms, showers, laundry and splash backs.


Smart Tongue & groove system
Smart Tongue & groove system
Low Maintenance
Low Maintenance
Fast And easy to install
Fast And easy to install
Cost Effective
Cost Effective
AU/NZ Certified
AU/NZ Certified
Rated ( Group 1 )
Rated ( Group 1 )
Insect Proof
Insect Proof


These panels come with a Standard size  of 1220mmx2440mmx4mm



LCS4 Light Concrete

A 1220mmx2440mmx4mm with a Light Concrete finish.


CCS4 Contemporary Concrete

A 1220mmx2440mmx4mm panel with a Contemporary Concrete Finish.


HRS4 High Gloss Red

A 1220mmx2440mmx4mm panel with a High Gloss Red finish.


HWS4 High Gloss White

A 1220mmx2440mmx4mm panel with a High Gloss White finish.


J profile

End Cap ( J profile )

The J profile is used to cap off the ends of the panel where the ceiling panels meet the wall or simply to cap off the cut section of the panel around corners. Comes in Aluminum with either a white, black or a silver surface finish.

H profile

H profile

The H profile is used to extend the panel beyond the standard length or to create a hidden joint instead of staggering the panels. the H profile comes in aluminum with three standard finishes, Black, White and silver.

External Corner

External Corner

The External Corner is used where the panels meet at a 270 angle. such as the external corners around walls and windows. it comes in  aluminum with three standard colors, White, black and silver.

Internal Corner

Internal Corner

The External Corner is used where the panels meet at a 90 angle. such as the internal corners around walls and the ceiling . it comes in aluminum with three standard colors, White, black and silver.

Technical & Downloads

Chemical composition

PVC resin and calcium carbonate

Surface Treatment & Colour

  • Transfer printing and laminated with a UV resistant coating
  • Custom design and colors can be made for bulk orders


  • bathrooms
  • caravan interiors
  • portable homes
  •  offices,
  • marine applications
  • food processing areas
  •  pools
  • water treatment plants
  • residential ceilings
  • Animal Shelters

Installation method

Recommend Using combination of P16 adhesive silicon and button head screw with fixing clip. (refer to installation instruction)

Maximum span and bending radius

  • 450 centers of two beams
  • Not Recommended for curved walls.


  • PVC site cuttings and unused pieces can be collected and recycled.
  • Product may be recycled upon final disposal.


  1. Fire rating
  • Group 1 In accordance with Specification A2.4 of the Building Code of Australia (CSIRO AS/NZ 3837)
  • Group 1-S in accordance with ISO 5660 parts 1 &2 (NZBC Verification Method C/VM2 Appendix A)

Packaging, Handling, Protection and Delivery Instructions

  • DEKKOPLUS panels come delivered in carton and plastic shrink packaging, care should be taken when handling these panels since they are very flexible.
  • Each pack of product contains 1 panels,  each pack weighs about 25 KG so for a safe work procedure it must be carried by two people. If a forklift is used, a solid board under the panels to support the full-length package is needed.
  • DO NOT keep the product outside the packaging in direct sunlight for too long or the sun might cause damage the surface finish. All the carton packaging is recyclable.


Five years from product manufacturing defects.


Not suitable for applications exposed to direct sunlight.

Installation guidelines

  • Use a steel blade on an angle grinder to cut the panels or use a drop / circular saw with an aluminum blade to get a nice clean cut.
  • Always use P16 glue with the mechanical fixings for a sound installation of the panels.It is highly recommended to wear your safety gears such as goggles and earplug when cutting the panels.
  • After completing the installation, simply remove all the protection films of the surface and wipe the dust to get the best look of the panels.

Maintenance and cleaning

Generally, DEKKOPLUS panels are maintenance free however if there is any dust or germ on the surface it can be wiped off by a damp cloth. Any oil product on the surface just add a small amount of standard detergent apply with cloth and then rinse.